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Since Yui still hasn’t learned or even bought a guitar to practice for the light music club, Yui and the gang go shopping for a guitar, thanks to her parents lending her an advance of her allowance, 50,000 yen. Yui finds a sweet ass looking guitar (the legendary Les Paul), but is shocked to find out that it costs 250,000 yen (around two thousand U.S dollars!)

Determined to get the guitar of her dreams, everyone chips in some money to get Yui her guitar by taking up jobs. All of them become traffic coordinators and help track the number of traffic around the streets. After a tough and hardworking experience, Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi give their salary to Yui, only for her to turn down the offer, saying that she’ll use her money to get a cheaper guitar.

However, the lure of the Les Paul is just too strong, and Tsumugi takes her shot at bargaining for the price to go down. The shopkeeper realizes that Tsumugi is the daughter of the company’s owner, and lowers the price down to 50,000 yen. Cheap enough to buy now, yay!

The band is finally complete as Yui plays around with her newfound guitar. Only 1,065 days until they can perform live at Budokan!


K-ON! is awesome. Screw whatever you say. Ok, the animation and faces still might take some time getting used to (seriously, if you trace their faces it becomes a formless blob shaped thing), but not everything is perfect. More Mio magic too! KyoAni really knows how to attract all your attention, since I love shows like these. All the fun loving characters (even the active/shy/innocent/clumsy ones), the cheerful mood of the story (+ some hilarious moments), plus making it a music related anime really make the show great. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Finishing up before I completely convert into a KyoAni fanboy.

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  1. I disagree with the part about “shapeless blob”. It’s just their style.
    No, I’m not a fanboy and approves everything Kyoto Animation does (although Haruhi is my favorite anime). You can’t say that they’re lazy either, for using this style, because they make it up with the fluent animation.

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