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Nostalgic time travelers?



I’ve had some issue with several first episodes of shows this Spring, mostly in the fact that they just toss you into the story without much background.  Natsu no Arashi is no exception. To put it lightly, there’s roughly zero setup for the first episode, and we’re quickly thrown into Arashi and Hajime’s life.

Hajime and Arashi go to work at the café for a summer job, and what ensues next can only be defined as unstructured chaos.  Now might be a good time to mention that this show is produced by SHAFT (Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo), and since they’re on drugs most of the time, I’m not one to make a judgment at this time.  Regardless of that our plot for this episode revolves around Hajime and an exploding strawberry he’s made.  His want to use the exploding strawberry on various “enemies” that appear.

What happens next is, in a nutshell, time travel.  It appears that Hajime and Arashi can time travel together when they hold hands.  They’re not alone, as supporting characters Kaya and Jun can also do the same.  Hilarity ensues, er, well it’s supposed to ensue.  I didn’t laugh a lot, but I still thought the episode wasn’t bad.


Styling of the show is different as usual for a SHAFT show.  Most of the backgrounds are handled with angular shadows which I found the use of interesting and the character designs are what I like to call “Nostalgic”.

Since this is from the creator of School Rumble (Kobayshi Jin) there are inevitable comparisons to the previous work, but I still think I need to see more before talking comparisons.  Personally, I don’t care if it’s different, I like to see creators branch out into different stories.

I’m looking forward to the next episode to see if they can explain some of these “special” powers the girls have.

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