Dynamic! Fall 2009 Anime Preview

I was going to post up an early Fall preview after I finished catching up with all my posts one by one, and look what happened. I learned my lesson. Now, for a fall impressions post that is actually WAY more informative than the last Spring preview post. So, enjoy my Dynamic! Fall 2009 Anime Preview. Dubbed the term “Dynamic!”? because it’s just that awesome, and in nerdy terms, updated constantly to bring you the latest info you need, fast. Also because anyone can just throw a chart up and call it a day.

About Seinime

Hey there. I'm Seinime/Sei/Kevin/Kev. Call me any of those. I pretty much like any anime (except yuri/yaoi) and video games. I've been inactive for a while, but I hope to rid myself of these bad habits now =D. I usually post my opinions on stuff or just plain random stuff. I also manage an anime blog of sorts at http://kimagure.animeblogger.net. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!