A shoutout to all Twitterists. Or anyone else anti-endless eight on that matter.

My fellow comrades in arms! Or angry fists! Support the movement! Hate on the Harurage that is Endless Eight! This #trolltuesday shall be #kyonkundenwa day! FIGHT THE KYOANI!

  • Make a post about it!
  • Tweet every tweet with it!
  • Ignore it and reveal that you are a Haruhist!
  • Troll it like you never trolled before!
  • Or just leave a comment in support! I’m just being plain high!

About Seinime

Hey there. I'm Seinime/Sei/Kevin/Kev. Call me any of those. I pretty much like any anime (except yuri/yaoi) and video games. I've been inactive for a while, but I hope to rid myself of these bad habits now =D. I usually post my opinions on stuff or just plain random stuff. I also manage an anime blog of sorts at http://kimagure.animeblogger.net. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!