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I’m your old pal Kimagure.  I started this place sometime back in 2006, blogged for a while and just lost interest.  That and I played too much Pangya.  I never did stop watching anime and have been watching for most of my time here on this planet.

I started with shows like Robotech and Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z for the US version), and that gateway drug turned into something I’ve always enjoyed.  My college friends were the ones that really got me started with other series from Japan, and the wonders of VHS fansubs.  Starting with Tenchi Muyo, and moving on to what was to become my favorite series, Kimagure Orange Road.  I’ve seen a lot of anime since then and most of it can’t even begin to compare with the love I have for Orange Road.

So with my hiatus coming to an end, I’ve teamed up with Seinime and Hibiki to re-open and merger our sites.  We look forward to having everyone read our posts.  Oh…watch out for tako Luka, she’ll spit ink at you if you make her mad.



I’m Seinime, which came from my old blog Seifuku’s Anime. Seifuku + anime = Seinime. It was Seianime before, but it kept sounding similar to the Hey, Say, Anime blog, so I dropped the a. Sounds good enough to me.

At first, I started Necro-Flare since I really wanted to get to know anime more and actually give something back and provide watchers with highlights and summaries so they know what to watch and what not to watch. I started watching anime classics like Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragonball Z. I liked the action and adventure in all those series.

Afterwards, a couple of my friends introduced me to new anime titles, mainly the popular ones like Bleach/Naruto/One Piece, and I found them to be quite enjoyable. In the past, I’d only watch some anime (mostly action/comedy genred), but I’ve opened my eyes to anime and am starting to watch them more frequently.Thus, I began to blog about what I’d find interesting. However, a lot of things happened, and in a nutshell, I got lazy. Thus, this place was sitting around, collecting dust.

Wanting to help out the community, I tried my hand at scanlating. I found a job at FrankyHouse for the manga Nabari no Ou, since they needed a Chinese -> English translator, so I’d translate a few chapters per week, since it was summer break. It was around 30-40 pages and with a lot of text. However, after summer break ended, I found that it started to get boring, as well as it dragging down my school marks because I spent a lot of time on it. Time to pull out.

I tried starting over in the fansubbing business. I’ve had my hand at quite a few fansubbing groups, like Ayako, AoShen, Aquastar, Paradym, etc. Basically, if any group needed help, I’d come and see if I could help time/translate some episodes. However, due to me still having school at the time, I got caught up in homework, activities and the works, so I decided to quit fansubbing as well. Occasionally, I’d still help out if I had the time.

So finally, I’d try my hand at anime blogging again. My friends and I started Seifuku’s Anime, a blog that aspired to be a fun project, where we’d discuss anime and the works.

It failed. Because of my friends either doing other stuff, or just being plain lazy, it eventually boiled down to the fact that I was the only one left that was actively posting. Epic fail.

Somehow, I foresaw this coming. But, not wanting to give up, I decided to come back here and start over a new leaf. I never really liked the name Seifuku’s Anime anyway (not that I wouldn’t change this one either), since my friend picked the name. Maybe this time, I’ll start solo and work my way up.

So basically, I’m just your friendly Spiderman anime lover/blogger, proudly azn, and I’ve done a lot of things. I’ll be blogging about any anime I find interesting, and maybe manga as well. It’s how you can express your opinion and feelings that got me into blogging, and I don’t feel like giving up yet. Currently, my goals are to learn Japanese (so I can watch te raws =P), and maybe one day, group up with people and make an ultimate team blog.



Hibiki here. I was part of Seifuku, but was diagnosed with Lazy-Ass Syndrome and seemingly died from it. I’m cured. So here I am. I lost my right arm and left leg fighting the disease, and then built myself metal replacements. But then I realized that was just my imagination. Too much FMA, I guess.

Anyways, Intro Time! *cue random anime OP*

So, humble beginnings.  I used to watch quite a bit of Anime back in the Philippines when I was young, (Saint Seiya, to be specific). Though at the time I was more of a tokusatsu fan. HUGE Power Rangers fan, to be specific once again.

I went through the whole Dragonball Z, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digimon phases, but really, I kept thinking, there’s gotta be more to it than that. Of course, I’ve been exposed to more exciting stuff, the famous ones, Eva, Death note, FMA, Macross, etc. and as of a couple years ago, have been keeping up to date with the seasons.

But. The one thing that jumped out at me most was Gundam. (Youch. That’d hurt if my buddy RX-78-2 Gundam would literally jump out at me >.>). I’m  one of the people who started with the Wing series, but I’ve got a HUGE appreciation for all of the series. Ever since I’ve been absorbing more and more info. I liked SEED and SEED Destiny, thought 00 was pretty well done (side note, enjoyed Code Geass as well, albeit was a little disappointed at the 2nd season, much like Destiny and, more recently, 00. TTGL was a wicked watch too). For those interested, I’m writing a continuation of SEED called Exodus, but I’ll save that for another day. So yeah, I’m the mecha guy, and that means pretty much expect me to blog any Mecha anime. (For sure next year, I’ll be blogging the Gundam 00 Movie)

From the time I uhm… disappeared from Seifuku up until now, I was relatively busy with some real life stuff. If anything, I was watching only Gundam 00, reading only Naruto, FMA and D.Gray-man, and more tokusatsu. Kamen Rider Decade and Shinkenger, pretty much. Absolutely loved Go-Onger last year (I love you, Rina Aizawa! xD). I had so much fun watching it.  Gooo On!!! Lately, I haven’t been watching much, sadly. I know I missed some nice shows, but I’ll backtrack probably in the summer. The only ones I paid attention two that are non-Gundam were Index and Kannagi. Loved both!

Of course, we’d appreciate the extra help too, so if you’re interested in blogging or just want to contribute, you can use the contact form. Of course, feel free to send me any comments/suggestions there as well.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (Nice to meet you!)