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Hey there. I'm Seinime/Sei/Kevin/Kev. Call me any of those. I pretty much like any anime (except yuri/yaoi) and video games. I've been inactive for a while, but I hope to rid myself of these bad habits now =D. I usually post my opinions on stuff or just plain random stuff. I also manage an anime blog of sorts at Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

A shoutout to all Twitterists. Or anyone else anti-endless eight on that matter.

My fellow comrades in arms! Or angry fists! Support the movement! Hate on the Harurage that is Endless Eight! This #trolltuesday shall be #kyonkundenwa day! FIGHT THE KYOANI!

  • Make a post about it!
  • Tweet every tweet with it!
  • Ignore it and reveal that you are a Haruhist!
  • Troll it like you never trolled before!
  • Or just leave a comment in support! I’m just being plain high!

Fanart accrediting: an actual serious trend people need to follow

Seriously, need I say more? Although I mostly use episode caps, I still make the horrendous mistake of blatantly taking another image without crediting it. Even more unfortunately is the fact that I surf imageboards to do it. People need to start crediting fan artists for their hard work, because obviously fanart can just beat the heck out of the original art sometimes. Either use proper credits or don’t use the picture at all. If ignorant people keep ripping images off of whateverbooru or other places, the above image is the fate of all the fanart, inevitably. OFP, people…

Canaan 5 – Yunyun is a boner…I mean borner?

Yunyun is happy she graduated to a major character. Somewhat.

Suddenly Yunyun gets a HUGE character development boost. Should’ve seen this coming. Now all of a sudden she’s a boner (sorry, the way the say it just makes it sound…unsettling.) Borner AND working for Liang Qi? I’ll let you guys watch it for yourself and see the awesomeness of the episode. You’re not worthless, Yunyun, we all love you. You can always use those appendixes for…appendix transfer surgery? =\

Umineko 5 – I knew I needed the VN. Why?

Objection! Hold it! Take that!

Because Battler (and I) will not go into that gentle night. Rage, raeg rage against the dying of the light.


Actually, I don’t have much. I don’t get it. So in this episode, the killer managed to kill off everyone except Battler, and apparently it’s still blamed on Beatrice, when she actually appears in person in front of Battler. It clearly looks like some supernatural forces were at work here, or I’d like to see how Battler finds an explanation even when something as major as this happens. Please enlighten me because it looks like I knew I needed the VN to search for some hints or explanation for all of this.