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It takes two to tango.

back in action


Hibiki here. I was part of Seifuku, but was diagnosed with Lazy-Ass Syndrome and seemingly died from it. I’m cured. So here I am. I lost my right arm and left leg fighting the disease, and then built myself metal replacements. But then I realized that was just my imagination. Too much FMA, I guess. Oh crap. I forgot the new FMA’s airing this season. >.>

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L.B.N.L Spring Watchlist

After looking at the titles/descriptions/trailers, and finally finishing up my spring break stuff, here is L.B.N.L. (last but not least) compiled spring watchlist.

I’ll be watching (and possibly blogging) on these select series:

  • K-ON (KyoAni + rocking out = definite watch)
  • Full Metal Alchemist (although I didn’t really catch up on FMA after a while, it’ll be a good refresher)
  • Asura Cryin’ (a creepy romantic comedy? my piece of cake)
  • Eden of the East (series like this always catch my interest/touches me for some reason)
  • Hatsukoi Limited (a nice school comedy; picking up this one instead of Hayate 2: I’d rather not go with loli love again after finishing Shakugan)
  • Saki (just ’cause my asian side of me wants to see how this anime can possibly teach/mess up mahjong)
  • Tayutama (ok story, good manga, nice art, so I’ll take a look)
  • Natsu no Arashi (another SHAFT title, but Maria Holic didn’t really impress me)

You can see the entire spring anime outlook below:

Spring 2009 Outlook
Spring at a glance.